Gorguts – Obscura LP Reissue Almost Sold Out

March 20th, 2015 in Vinyl0 Comments


The vinyl reissues of Gorguts‘s Obscura and From Wisdom To Hate albums are almost gone, so pick one up fast!
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Darkenhöld – Castellum

March 15th, 2015 in Album Reviews0 Comments

France’s Darkenhöld continues to churn out quality melodic black metal with third album Castellum.
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Fen – Carrion Skies

December 16th, 2014 in Album Reviews0 Comments

Carrion Skies is the latest from UK atmospheric metal masters Fen.
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Stryvigor – Forgotten By Ages

November 18th, 2014 in Album Reviews0 Comments

Stryvigor‘s debut full-length Forgotten By Ages is an icy slab of atmospheric black metal in the vein of Drudkh and Khors.
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Myrkur – Myrkur

October 28th, 2014 in Album Reviews0 Comments

The sudden emergence of one-woman black metal group Myrkur was certainly surprising, but the music speaks for itself.
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Falls of Rauros / Panopticon – Split

October 17th, 2014 in Album Reviews0 Comments

This split showcases some interesting experimentation from two of the USBM scene’s strongest and most respected groups, Falls of Rauros and Panopticon.
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Mord’A’Stigmata – Ansia

October 1st, 2014 in Album Reviews0 Comments

Fans of slightly experimental black metal should eat up this new release by Polish group Mord’A’Stigmata.
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Botanist – VI: Flora Track Preview

July 14th, 2014 in Upcoming Albums0 Comments

Preview a song from the upcoming Botanist album VI: Flora.
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Monarque / Forteresse / Csejthe / Chasse-Galerie – Légendes

July 3rd, 2014 in Album Reviews0 Comments

The latest slab of Canadian black metal from Sepulchral comes in the form of a four-way split featuring some of the scene’s top bands.
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Adamus Exul – Arsenic Idols

June 28th, 2014 in Album Reviews0 Comments

There’s a lot of good black metal coming out of Australia recently, but except for maybe Astriaal I can’t think of any bands putting out material as furiously aggressive as that of relative newcomers Adamus Exul.
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