Free Music: Antimatter – “Antimatter 06 06 03″

Antimatter 06 06 03 cover 

Through their website, Antimatter are offering a free video EP titled "Antimatter 06 06 03."  Filmed on their world tour in 2003, the EP features live video recordings of ‘The Last Laugh,’ ‘Going Nowhere,’ ‘In Stone,’ and ‘Empty,’ along with downloadable artwork. 

Antimatter is a depressive acoustic/electronic group, originally founded by Anathema’s Duncan Patterson, along with Mick Moss.  They use acoustic guitars, sparse electronics, and both female and male vocals to create a dark and melancholic sound which transcends genre.  They recently released their fourth album, "Leaving Eden," which features contributions from Anathema’s Danny Cavanaugh.

February 14, 2008 in Free Shit

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