Black Metal Britney Spears Cover

Belgian black metal band Gorath, whose “Misotheism” was among the better albums of 2008, recorded a black metal cover of Britney Spears‘s song ‘Toxic.’

As bizarre as this sounds, the song actually shreds pretty hard and sounds nothing like the original. When compared side by side you can see the similarities, but if you weren’t told the origins of the song I don’t think you’d guess where it came from. The cover was originally released as a bonus track on the band’s 2005 album “Elite.”

Check out Gorath’s version of ‘Toxic’ on YouTube:
» Gorath ‘Toxic’ cover

For reference, here’s the original:
» Britney Spears’s ‘Toxic’

Be sure to check out Gorath’s “Misotheism” release as well. You can stream a few of the tracks from Gorath’s MySpace page.

December 20, 2008 in Media

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