Necrophagist “Epitaph” Tabulature Book

Germany’s Necrophagist has become infamous in the metal community for their staggeringly technical approach to brutal death metal. Like other ultra-technical death metal bands, Necrophagist’s riffing is psychotically fast and requires enough finger-gymnastics to make even seasoned guitarists weep. Guitarist Muhammed Suiçmez seems to take things even further at times, to the point where it almost sounds as though he’s constantly soloing over the grinding rhythm section in certain songs.

Brave guitarists can check out the guitar tabulature book that Suiçmez has put together for the “Epitaph” album. It contains official transcriptions of the rhythm and lead guitar parts for all songs from the album. The tab book is currently available from Necrophagist’s online store.

Whether you can actually play the stuff or not, I’d suggest picking up the book if you’re a guitarist who is at all familiar with Necrophagist’s work. Having transcriptions for something that’s both fun to listen to and extremely challenging to play can be an incredibly valuable learning tool. Even if you don’t end up being able to play any of the songs, just going through the process of learning a riff or two could make you a significantly better player.

December 28, 2008 in Resources For Musicians

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