He tore his flesh with my nails, tore his terrible dead flesh with my nails!

Abridged Pause Recordings

Abridged Pause Recordings is a promising new label with an intriguing roster of artists that includes Smohalla, Dreams of the Drowned, Kailash, Parabstruse and several others. They’ve so far released three releases as digital downloads, with the first two available for free on the Abridged Pause site and the third being only $1.

The first release, titled Diluvian Temperals, is a compilation that includes unreleased tracks from all of Abridged Pause’s artists. The second, Sea of Abandoned Polaroids, is a split between Phlegma and Stagnant Waters, which are each solo projects of the two members of Smohalla. The third is release “post-grindcore” act Sveta Istina Vjestica‘s debut full-length, titled Witches in the Air.

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October 18, 2009 in Free Shit

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