Theudho Releases Free Digital EP “The Silence”

Belgian black/viking metallers Theudho are celebrating the winter solstice with a new EP showcasing the band’s new line-up. The Silence is being released as a free digital download as a gift to friends and supporters. The EP consists of re-recorded versions of four songs from Theudho’s back catalogue: ‘Silence reigned over the Bog’, ‘Fafnirs Blut,’ ‘Foreboding Dreams’ and ‘Gudrun’s Revenge.’

The free versions of the songs are 128kbps, so not great quality, but certainly listenable. You can also download 320kbps versions at the ConSouling Sounds digital store.

Theudho has also recently made all their albums available for streaming from for free, so you really have no excuse for not checking these guys out.

» Theuhdo – The Silence free download

» Theudho’s page on

December 23, 2009 in Free Shit, Recommended Music

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