Free Music: Fall of Efrafa

I saw Fall of Efrafa‘s Inlé on a few best-of-2009 lists and decided to check them out. While musically they are not really my cup of tea, the more I read about the band, the more interesting they became. Fall of Efrafa is a UK-based band who base either music on the themes and mythology of Richard Adams’s Watership Down (an awesome book by the way). Their lyrics focus on atheism and animal rights, and their music is a genre-defying, epic mixture of sludge, post-rock and crust among other things.

The band has called it quits as of this past December, but in four years of existence they managed to release a trilogy of full-length albums known as “The Warren of Snares” as well as a few other singles and splits. They have all three full-lengths posted on their website as free high-quality MP3 downloads, although they’ve also released CD versions as well as a limited-edition LP box set of all their releases.

» Download Fall of Efrafa’s music from their website
» Buy Fall of Efrafa’s albums at Halo of Flies

January 10, 2010 in Free Shit

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