Sick Drummer Camp

You know that stupid ad where the guy goes to rock school and learns to play rock guitar? Turns out something like that sort of does exist, thanks to Sick Drummer magazine. The folks at Sick Drummer are putting together a 5-day drummer camp that features George Kollias (Nile), Derek Roddy (Hate Eternal), Sean Reinert (Death/Cynic), Danny Walker (Uphill Battle/Intronaut) and Navene Koperweis (Animals As Leaders), plus guest appearances by several other professionals.

From the press release:

The event is open to those 18 and older and will be held the first week of October in Northern California, about an hour north of San Fransisco on a 5 acre private retreat. This retreat is amazing and offers seclusion, various class/performance spaces, lounge areas, hot tubs, an inground pool, billiards, hiking trails and much more. We will be close to nearby stores, shopping, restaurants, wineries, a casino and many other attractions.

This is not only a chance for you to learn from some of the best drummers available, but a chance to hang out with them for a week! You will be eating with the instructors, racing go-karts and doing other fun activities with them, and pretty much getting to know them over the course of the event. You will not only walk away with what you have learned, but with some new friends in the drumming world and what is bound to be one of the best experiences of your life. Not to mention, all of this will be filmed for a DVD!

Kind of makes me wish I was good enough at drums to go to this. It’s not cheap obviously, but how many times are you gonna get to do something like this?

Check out the press release page for details on how to sign up:

» Sick Drummer Camp

July 23, 2011 in Resources For Musicians

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