Brume d’Automne – Brume d’Automne (2012)

Brume d’Automne‘s new self-titled release is just extremely, unequivocally.. French-sounding. The band themselves don’t hail from France but Quebec, which is I guess about as French as you can get without actually being from the country itself. So what makes their music so identifiably French? Well, aside from the obviously French lyrics constantly being screamed at me and the occasional folk elements thrown in, the main factor is an undeniable similarity to the work of Peste Noire, who are easily the most unapologetically nationalistic French band in today’s black metal scene. While these guys aren’t nearly as chaotic or multifaceted as Peste Noire can be, the similarities are undeniable: both bands favor a somewhat raw sound and simplistic, punkish-sounding black metal riffs, while the aforementioned folk interludes and melodies provide a nice contrast with the harshness of the majority of the guitar work. Even vocalist Nordet’s screams follow Famine’s blueprint of sickly, manic yelling, helping to add an additional insanity to the music.

While the formula itself has already been well-established, Brume d’Automne still have to create passable songs within that framework, and they manage to do so quite well on this release. Brume d’Automne is full of powerful tracks and memorable riffs. Some like ‘Tels de Beliers’ and ‘Le Lieu de la Vengeance’ are staggeringly aggressive with blast beats, horrific screams and frenzied riffing, while others like ‘Moe j’me Souviens’ are dialed back a bit and mix faster passages with delicate melodic sections and generally more palatable riffing. This album is one I find myself coming back to often, which is surprising given that I’m not generally a fan of overly raw black metal and Peste Noire’s newer material graces my playlists only rarely. Somehow Brume d’Automne has found that sweet spot between harsh, raw black metal aggression and melodic, lighter fare that ultimately results in an addictive and highly replayable album.

January 18, 2013 in Album Reviews

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