Esoteric Vinyl Reissues Coming Soon

One of the glaring holes in my vinyl collection just got a step closer to being filled. UK funeral doom group Esoteric has confirmed plans to reissue The Pernicious Enigma and Metamorphogenesis on vinyl. Both albums had previously been available only on CD. Here’s what the band had to say:

“We plan to release The Pernicious Enigma and Metamorphogenesis on vinyl, which are the two remaining albums from our back catalogue that haven’t yet been released in this format. After that we will be re-releasing our first two albums on CD, but we will have more details about everything we’re planning to do as we go along.

The Pernicious Enigma has actually been transferred from the original multitrack tapes, and remixed and remastered at the Priory Recording Studios for the vinyl release. Having never been happy with the original mix of the album, we were able to go over the tracks and bring out some of the details that were buried or subdued in the original release, without changing the overall feel of the album “.

The Pernicious Enigma is the record that got me into Esoteric in the first place, so I’m beyond excited to hear these additional details that they’ve supposedly brought out with the vinyl release! It’s also great that the band’s early recordings will be hopefully getting some more widespread exposure with these reissues. I’ve always felt that the band’s early work had a certain mysterious, mind-warping quality to it that has diminished with some of the more recent stuff, so newer fans definitely have something to look forward to.

April 20, 2015 in Upcoming Albums, Vinyl

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