Fen – Carrion Skies

December 16th, 2014 in Album Reviews0 Comments

Carrion Skies is the latest from UK atmospheric metal masters Fen.
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Ancient Ascendant – Echoes and Cinder

June 6th, 2014 in Album Reviews0 Comments

Remember the name Ancient Ascendant. With an accessible blend of death, black and thrash that fits perfectly into the modern metal scene, these guys feel like they have what it takes to make it big.
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Saor – Roots

September 3rd, 2013 in Album Reviews0 Comments

Saor is the new atmospheric/folk black metal project from former Falloch member and Askival founder Andy Marshall.
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Fen – Dustwalker (2013)

May 16th, 2013 in Album Reviews0 Comments

Fen throws us a curveball in the form of some heavy post-rock influences on newest release Dustwalker.
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The Devil – The Devil (2012)

April 18th, 2013 in Album Reviews0 Comments

The Devil‘s self-titled debut is a weird, weird take on metal, but it actually ends up working surprisingly well.
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Review: A Forest of Stars – “A Shadowplay for Yesterdays” (2012)

November 3rd, 2012 in Album Reviews0 Comments

This is the album I’ve been hoping A Forest of Stars would make.
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